Qualities of an effective team player

On my previous blogs, we talk about how to be an effective/successful team and how to avoid conflicts that a team might face. But for a team to be successful and effective, team members or players need to be a good and strong players in order to perform well and with team member’s individual skills and creativity that will help them to achieve success. From an HR perspective and people that are looking for people to be part of their team, what are the qualities that they’re looking for??

Here’s the Top 10 Qualities that a team member should have:

numbers22-copy-2RELIABLE. You might want to have a team member that you can rely on. A person that demonstrates reliability in your group and you can count on. He/she is doing his/her part every time there’s an assignment or project that is due and not just whenever he/she wants too.

numbers22-copy-6COMMUNICATES TO THE TEAM. Communication is a huge factor in a team. A team member should be able to express comfortably his/her feeling, thoughts and ideas to the team member. If each team member will contribute and will feel that their opinion matter, they will not feel shy. This will help the team to be more productive and have a creative solutions for what they’re doing.


LISTEN ACTIVELY. As much as a team member needs to communicate and express his/her ideas, a team member also needs to listen what other members has to say. It like give and take. Listening to understand, consider and absorb the idea of what other team member’s saying and not just listening to have something to reply and to criticize.


TAKE THE INITIATIVE. Team member that takes initiative in group projects/assignments or anything that a group needs to do or accomplish shows his/her effort and care to the team. Always thinking how can (s)he help the team be successful and bring the team in action on doing something in order to achieve success.


SHARES OPENLY AND WILLINGLY. It is a good for a team member to willingly share their ideas, how they feel and their experience. This is also a way of being able to feel comfortable in the team and build trust to each other. The team not just learn by actually experiencing but learning through other team members. It is easier to communicate if everybody is not shy.


COOPERATES. Since misunderstanding in a team is inevitable, and emotions can get involve. A good team member still cooperates and do his/her part and just believe that the decision of the majority in the group was for best of the team. It doesn’t necessarily means that they ignore your idea, but accepting other’s idea and still doing your best to support to help.


EXHIBITS FLEXIBILITY. Expect the unexpected. A strong team member knows how to adjust in situation that they’re not expecting to happen. No complaints, do the work and still be able to execute his/her best. This is also another way of showing and extending help for the team. Creating solution that is needed.

numbers22-copy-9SHOWS COMMITMENT TO THE TEAM. For my opinion, if a team member cares about the group and comfortable being and working with them. It will be easier to show commitment. Going to meetings, actively participating in discussion, sharing ideas and putting all their best and effort to achieve a common goal that the team wants to achieve.

numbers22-copy-7PROBLEM-SOLVER. Another quality that is related to being flexible is being a problem-solver. Why is it important for a team member to be a problem-solver?  Because this helps the whole team to achieve success. It will not just enhance their critical thinking skills but also being able to think of a solution to their problem as soon as possible. It will prevent them blaming other team members and what other team member did. In addition, it boost the personality of the member by being optimistic than to dwell that they failed.


TREATS OTHERS IN A RESPECTFUL AND SUPPORTIVE MANNER. Among all qualities, I think this is the most important quality that a team member should have. Being able to show respect and how you treat your colleague/ other team members is more important than any other else. If you know how to understand your team, it is more easy to have a clear understanding and communication for the whole team. Support each other like it’s your own family and solving problems will be easier.  


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