Creating Successful Team

In workplace, we cannot choose the people that we are going to work with.  It is not like in school that you can choose the members of your team.  Since Canada is a diverse country, people came from different country, different culture and have different experiences.  This does not necessarily means that the team will always face difficulties in communicating with each other but there are ways that the team can do to make it work.

Anneloes Raes, an assistant professor of managing people in Organizations at IESE wrote an article in Forbes, an American business magazine last February 2016 and she mentioned six conditions that you can control in a team.

canstock3703304Tip#1: Create a real team. To create a real team, members should be dependent to each other.  Making sure that each member feels important and part of the team. By letting the team members know, that they are part of the team makes them more involve and feel the responsibility of helping each other.
Tip#2: Hacanstock3703304ve a clear direction. Have a discussion with the whole team of what is the real goal of the team.  What is the vision and what is the mission of the team.  It is very important for the team to be on the same page like everyone else on the team.  Everyone knows what he or she is doing in the project, what are is the common goal and feel the responsibility of doing the work.

Tip#3: Escanstock3703304tablish an enabling structure. In Anneloes tips, you will notice that all of it needs one thing, which is communication. Establish an enabling structure means discussion with team members on what their responsibilities are, the house rule of the team and what are the team expecting from one another and personalities they are looking for that they expect a team member will show.


Tcanstock3703304ip#4: Provide contextual support for a team. Doing a project can be stressful in a team that is why you want to do it in team so that you feel less stress. To ensure that all team members are doing their job properly, encouraging everyone to do more and help them in their ideas (e.g. how else can their idea be better, giving opinions and feedback, etc.)

Tip#5: Hacanstock3703304ve expert team coaching. Mostly in team there is a leader or somehow adviser for all the processes that the group need to do in their project.  It does not necessarily mean that the “leader” or an expert is the only one that can do it.  It depend on how the group wants it, it could be a rotation of voluntary.  By doing this, it helps everyone to be connected to each other.  Build relationship not just because you are in a team but because you make each member important and show care.  (#1 tip:  get everyone involve and help each other!)

Tip#6: Gicanstock3703304ve proper thought to team diversity. We all know that have a diverse team have its pros and cons. However, if you will think about it, working with people that are not similar to you could be so exciting too.  You will learn, see, and understand different culture and different perspective that can be useful for the team in order to be more productive or creative.  Discuss in the team what is it to have a diverse team and how do you want the team fix any misunderstanding or issues.

Although it is not a guarantee but doing this tips has been said that can actually give your team a better chance of success. Oh, and one lasting.. As I’ve said earlier and to my other blogs. I just want to put the emphasis on COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT.


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