(T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore

Why is it important for us to learn how to work in teams? How does it affect the organization at work or group for project in school? What are the advantages with working in team? It is both challenging and fulfilling to be in a group/team in an organization especially if everyone is working together to achieve a common goal. Doing project in team makes a company more productive because instead of doing the work alone, it will be split to the whole team. When someone is in need, everyone in the group is responsible to extend a help and vice versa.

Check out the two short youtube video below that can help you to better understand how powerful it is to have teamwork in an organization or in group projects to be successful.

Enjoy watching!

The Power of Teamwork – Funny Animation. by Khmer OsJa

Effective Team Management – The Secret of Team Success by CommLab India

(Disclaimer: Credits to the Owners)

Working in a team makes it easier to achieve the goal that you and the others are trying to accomplish. It combines all the strengths that each member has and picks up the weakness that someone from your team might have. Working in a team also helps generate more ideas that are beneficial to achieving that goal. As you grow in a team/group as an individual, you are able to help your group/team to enhance their skills and teach them how to be in a group as well. Don’t forget that during the time that you are in a group, it is an opportunity to meet people and gain new friends! It is definitely a Win-Win situation for the group and yourself!


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Chèu, Y., & Cushman, D. P. (1995). Organizational Teamwork in High-speed Management. Albany: State University of New York Press.


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